Protection, Compassion, Care

Protecting you and your family

Modern families can be complex, but at George and James Oliver WS we can make sorting out legal issues and protecting the people you love simple.

Winding up Executries and Trusts

After the death of a close family member it can be overwhelming to be left in charge of their estate, but the winding up of Executries and Trusts needn't be a prolonged or arduous task. At George and James Oliver WS we pride ourselves on guiding Executors and Trustees swiftly and skilfully through the paperwork.

Will writing, inheritance planning and creating Executries and Trusts

Ensure that after your death your assets are distributed among your family and friends according to your wishes. Read more about planning for the future and protecting your estate here.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that nominates a family member or close friend to act on your behalf should you, through illness, an accident or old age, be unable to manage your own affairs at a later date. It operates as an insurance policy against an unforeseeable future and gives assurance that whatever lies ahead, someone you trust will be legally responsible for your finances and your welfare.

We are also able to arrange a short-term Power of Attorney for a specific legal task that you're unable to carry out in person, i.e. if you sell a property in Scotland but are out of the country when missives are being exchanged.


Guardianship orders protect the interests of adults with incapacity, that is, those who are unable to make or understand decisions because of mental or physical disabilities. If you are considering applying for a guardianship order to ensure the welfare of someone with incapacity, or someone who has become incapacitated without making a Power of Attorney, we can help.

Separation, divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships

We offer a sympathetic ear and practical support through an emotional period in your life. We guide our clients towards an amicable, quick and dignified resolution. Where possible, we strive to minimise stress for all involved by settling your affairs out of court. We favour channels of negotiation and mediation to reach agreements on:

  • Children's wellbeing, including contact and residence arrangements
  • Maintenance arrangements
  • Division of housing and joint possessions
  • Joint investments, savings and pensions


When you welcome a child permanently into your home there is a court process to follow that safeguards the best interests of the child and makes clear the rights and responsibilities that you as an adoptive parent agree to undertake.

Depending on the nature of the adoption, you may have to liaise with local authorities and/or care agencies. We can help guide you through the legal process for adoption in Scotland and give your new family the best possible start.