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Legal Services at George and James Oliver WS

When facing some of life's most difficult issues, the support of a local solicitor is invaluable. Our clients tell us they appreciate our invitation to sit down and talk. Our first consultation is free of charge. We listen. We offer legal solutions for private matters.

Prudent planning can save heartache and legal battles in the years ahead: our Will writing and inheritance planning services ensure your family are provided for whatever the future holds, and our family law services are there to protect those who depend upon you now.

For unforeseen challenges such as personal injury, housing issues or employment disputes, you can rely on us to help resolve the dispute through negotiation, mediation or court representation.

How can we help? To arrange a confidential, free initial consultation, call our team on 01450 372791 or email us at We can make a home visit if that is more convenient for you. You can also read more about our services here: